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Bert's Story

Bert's wife, Meg, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2003. The Clinical Nurse Specialist visited her regularly, building up a good relationship with St Wilfrid's Hospice.

Meg came into the Hospice for respite care for two weeks in 2004 and again in June 2005, before being admitted in December of that year where she stayed for six weeks until her death on 22nd January 2006. Both Meg and Bert got to know the staff very well in that time, as did Jack, their boxer dog, who was allowed to visit and brighten Meg's days.

Meg's smile captivated everyone, including Doctor Colin who often remarked as he came into the room, "You've got that smile again!" Bert remembers Gloria, the Housekeeping Manger, as being especially fond of Meg, and also Brenda, the Chaplain, who blessed their golden wedding on Christmas Eve 2005.

Meg was delighted when, knowing how much she loved and missed her garden at home, the nurses moved her to a particular room that overlooked the Hospice garden. Bert describes Meg as an empathetic person, always ready to help others. Bert was a policeman for 28 years in York and describes Meg as ‘being in the police force as well' such was her loyalty and support.

They spent five years in Spain before moving to Bracklesham Bay in 1997, where they both busied themselves in the local community. With his friend Dan Goddard and son, Bill, he raised over £60,000 for four hospices by undertaking a 998 mile coast-to-coast cycle ride from Chichester to John O'Groats (St Wilfrid's received a cheque for £15,400) and grand-daughter Samantha Wilson ran three half marathons whilst at Reading University raising £1,000.

Bert and Jack, the boxer, miss Meg very much. Indeed. Jack looked for Meg for six months after her death, and still pricks up his ears if he sees a lady on her own out walking. Bert is now a volunteer driver in the community, helping others as Meg always did. He thanks St Wilfrid's Hospice for looking after her so well and enabling him to have such good memories of her final days.


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